Who we are

Norva Oil Trading DMCC is an oil trading firm based in Dubai, UAE. Our operations are built on a strategic vision of connecting industries, communities and people to reliable energy. At present We focus on connecting Africa and major energy markets across the world to reliable crude oil and refined petroleum products.

We operate by high standard values

Norva speaks to the direct needs of industries to introduce meticulousness into the energy conversation for productivity. In the end, We are determined to cause positive changes and inspire hope in our communities to fuel a sustainable future.

Who we are

Fuelling Sustainable Future

In an era marked by environmental challenges, we recognize that the energy industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the course of our planet. Our value proposition, "Fuelling a Sustainable Future," is our steadfast dedication to this responsibility. It causes us to be circumspect in all our dealings and crusades for expansion.

Cumulatively, "Fuelling a Sustainable Future" encapsulates our unwavering commitment to balancing the need for energy with the goal of safeguarding our planet. It signifies a journey that combines the power of energy with a responsibility to create enduring prosperity for generations to come. As we trade oil across continents and connect industries, people, and communities, we remain dedicated to a future where progress harmonizes with the well-being of our planet.

Who we are

Our team

Our team consists of distinguished professionals with valuable experience in petroleum, corporate finance, risk management, shipping, trade operations, and distribution. This combined advantage helps us to leverage on their market knowledge to mitigate and sustain price advantage, flexibility, and innovation for our clients and partners. At all times, we focus on delivering incomparable value in our operations for industrial sustenance.

Here are values we operate by

Our core values form the foundation of everything we do. They guide our actions and decisions, ensuring that we operate with integrity, drive, and a commitment to pioneering solutions that transform industries, people, and communities

1. Energizing

We focus our energies on fuelling positive change and igniting a spirit of progress. Norva touches people, communities, and industries as a resourceful catalyst for socioeconomic transformation.

2. Ethical
3. Innovative
4. Responsible

Reinvesting resources to foster community development. Discover more about our commitments.


Our vision propels us to continually innovate by exploring technologies and methods that enhance growth and efficiency of industries, communities and economies.