Our commitments

Our unwavering pledge to make a positive impact, driving meaningful change for a sustainable future.

1. Commercial

Through the formulation and advancement of strategic partnerships, we are committed to:

  • the consistent supply of fuel and petroleum products at competitive prices for all our clients and partners at all times.
  • the intentional expansion of our operations to meet the needs of all our clients and partners.
  • the ethical execution of all contractual obligations to all our clients and partners.
Products and Services
2. Technological

Our vision propels us to continually innovate by exploring technologies and methods that enhance growth and efficiency of industries, communities and economies.

3. People and Communities

A sustainable future is built on strong, interconnected communities. We believe in the power of partnerships that uplift local economies and create opportunities for growth. Thus, we operate to foster relationships and enable access to reliable energy that contributes to community development and well-being.

4. Environmental

In an era marked by environmental challenges, we recognize that the energy industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the course of our planet. Our vision, "Fuelling a Sustainable Future," is a steadfast dedication to this responsibility. Consequently, we are committed to sourcing, trading, and delivering energy products in responsible ways that minimize adverse ecological impact.

5. Next level

As emerging leaders in the energy trading market, we recognize our capacity to influence positive change. Our vision drives us to set industry standards that emphasize a collective shaping of a better tomorrow for people, communities and industries.

Our focus

In the ever-changing and dynamic international trading market, Norva Oil is your preferred trading partner for refineries ,oil traders and oil retail marketers. We offer a range of solutions that address the distinctive needs of our client and partner because of our consummate understanding of the terrain.

To consolidate our authority in the space, we have engaged top executives who have operated actively in African and major energy markets across the world for well over thirty (30) years. This has exposed our team to the unique advantages and superior management of the daring stories of growth for an ‘all-out’ maximization of the industrial revolutions currently brewing worldwide.