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Trading and supply

We engage in a range of activities including sourcing, procurement, transportation, and distribution of crude oil and refined petroleum products. This involves negotiating contracts, coordinating shipments, managing inventory, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining strategic relationships with suppliers and customers to meet their energy needs efficiently and effectively.

Quality assurance testing

We implement rigorous processes to ensure that all sourced crude oil and refined petroleum products meet and exceed industry standards. We do this by thorough laboratory testing, quality checks, and analysis of samples to verify product integrity, purity, and compliance with specifications. This guarantees our clients and partners of receiving the highest quality, with the confidence and assurance of value for money.

Products and Services
Products and Services

Logistics and shipping solutions

We take on the critical responsibility of orchestrating the seamless movement of crude oil and refined petroleum products from suppliers to customers. This encompasses a range of activities including route optimization, vessel chartering, cargo handling, customs clearance, documentation management, and risk mitigation. We efficiently manage the intricate web of transportation, to ensure the safe and timely delivery of products to engender a smooth and uninterrupted energy supply chain.