Empowering Change Through Education: Norva's Collaboration with DesignTheNext

12th November, 2023

Energy Security

At Norva Oil Trading DMCC, we are driven by a vision that goes beyond oil trading. Our mission is to fuel not only economies and industries but also the very essence of a sustainable and thriving future. As a company deeply committed to community impact, we recognize the pivotal role that education plays in shaping a positive and sustainable society. It is with this commitment in mind that we proudly partnered with DesignTheNext, a social initiative by Scolpta focused on moving the next change-makers by design.

Our vision at Norva is founded on a profound belief: that progress must be powered not only by energy but also by a resolute commitment to sustainability. As a corporation, our social impact focus is centered on education and its potential as a catalyst for positive community change. We firmly believe that education has the power to reshape societies, driving a sustainable future.

Africa, with its burgeoning young population, holds immense promise for the future. However, it also faces significant educational challenges. According to UNESCO, sub-Saharan Africa has the highest out-of-school rate for primary education, with approximately 32 million children of primary school age not attending school. The state of education in Africa presents complex challenges. Limited access to quality learning environments, resource shortages, and inadequate infrastructure are some of the hurdles that education systems grapple with. While governments and nonprofit organizations are dedicated to addressing these issues, we recognize that a broader and more collaborative approach is necessary. It's here that the private sector can play a pivotal role by infusing resources, expertise, and innovation into education systems.

Our partnership with DesignTheNext is a testament to the transformative potential of such collaborations. DesignTheNext, our flagship impact initiative partner, is dedicated to nurturing young changemakers through the fusion of design and education. It shares our belief in the potential of education to empower the next generation to become leaders in sustainability, environmental awareness, and social responsibility.

In this collaboration, we focused on “Reimagining Learning Spaces”. The goal, beyond the day’s activity, is to create a conducive environment for these young learners of the Nii Okine Basic School, within the Anumle Cluster of Schools, Accra to thrive. Four dilapidated classrooms were given a major facelift; repair works, reinforcing weak structures, and painting of classroom blocks. Beyond the structural renovations, we engaged over 150 students in a hands-on and experiential learning experience that raised their consciousness on pertinent environmental issues; waste management, climate action, and reusability. We are deeply convinced that, if these young people are moved into a state of empathy and responsibility, our drive to fuel a sustainable future will be all-inclusive.

Our collective ability to reach and empower young people in underserved communities will go a long way to shape the better future we want.

DesignTheNext's approach to education is not only inspirational but also deeply practical. By reimagining learning spaces and creating a nurturing ecosystem of education, they ignite the potential within every young mind. The initiative's commitment to providing young learners with the tools to become green guardians of tomorrow perfectly aligns with our vision of a sustainable future.

Our involvement in DesignTheNext is more than just a partnership; it signifies a paradigm shift in the way businesses perceive their role in positive community impact. It exemplifies our recognition of education's pivotal role in shaping the future, particularly in the context of sustainability and positive social change. Our support extends beyond financial contributions; it symbolizes our broader commitment to uplifting communities and fostering a culture of responsibility.

Our partnership with DesignTheNext stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of education as a catalyst for positive social change and sustainable development. Our commitment to sustainability and education has merged to create a powerful force for progress, demonstrating that the pursuit of a better future is a shared responsibility—one that transcends borders and industries.